A botanical is a plant valued for its medicinal properties.

Thus Muti is the perfect name for a gin from S.A. We use 8 botanicals to give Muti it's smooth taste.



Our 2 main coastal fynbos botanicals are: Ghô-kum and Ooskusmalva. Carpobrotus Edulis or Ghô-kum is a ground-creeping plant with succulent leaves, native to South Africa. It is also known as highway ice plant or sour fig (suurvygie). This is our Western Cape botanical that we buy from the Sakmanne.



Pelargonium Capitatum or Ooskusmalva is found along the Southern and Eastern Cape of SA. Its habitat is usually beach sand or other well-drained sandy soils. It is cultivated as a source of essential oils.


& 6 other botanicals

Gin derives its magic from the 'holy trinity' of juniper, angelic root, and coriander. Citrus, devil's claw, and ginger add intriguing layers, creating a symphony of flavours that define this enchanting spirit of Muti.

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